Osborn Model Kits manufactures a full line of HO scale scenic detail kits for your train layout.  The kits are laser cut and are made in Canada out of plywood (structural parts) or bass wood (non-structural parts) as plywood has the greatest advantage to resist warping when painted.  Every kit is ‘simple construction’ so that modelers of every ability will enjoy building the kits.

Line Side Detail Items

Current Canadian Crossbucks

$5.25 CAD

  • Current Canadian Crossbucks
  • Set of 5. Used from the first part of the 1980’s to current day. Includes jig for easy assembly
  • Osborn Models Stock #RRA-1010

CP Whistle Sign

$3.75 CAD

  • CP Whistle Sign
  • Set of 5 CP whistle posts
  • Osborn Models Stock #RRA-1047

Flange Way Signs

$3.75 CAD

  • Flange Way Signs
  • Used for warning snowplows of obstructions. Kit includes 5 sets for either CP or CN.
  • Osborn Models Stock #RRA-1039

Bundle of Ties

$8.25 CAD

  • Bundle of Ties
  • Kit makes up 6 bundles of 24 ties
  • Osborn Models Stock #RRA-1095

Scenic Rail Ties

$6.75 CAD

  • Scenic Rail Ties
  • Package of 50 rail ties. Use as scenic ties along side of track or use them to lay your own track
  • Osborn Models Stock #RRA-1044

Rail Stops

$5.25 CAD

  • Rail Stops
  • Kit contains 6 sets of rail stops. Simple build up construction that slides over top of rail.
  • Osborn Models Stock #RRA-1038

Railway Telephone Posts

$5.25 CAD

  • Railway Telephone Posts
  • Package of 12 simple build telephone posts to help with that extra bit of realism to your layout.
  • Osborn Models Stock #RRA-1068

Utility Posts and Transformers

$5.75 CAD

  • Utility Poles
  • Contains 8 poles and 2 transformers
  • Osborn Models Stock #RRA-1099

Canadian Flag and Pole

$5.00 CAD

  • Canadian Flag and Pole
  • Contains three posts and three 96"x48" scale flags
  • Osborn Models Stock #RRA-1093

Loading Platform

$10.00 CAD

  • Loading Platform
  • Contains one kit (i.e. a small branch line loading dock that will fit onto most layouts)
  • Osborn Models Stock #RRA-1043

45 Degree Level Crossing Boards

$5.75 CAD

  • 45 Degree Level Crossing Boards
  • Kit contains one of each direction. Easy to install onto any track will fit all different heights of rail.
  • Osborn Models Stock #RRA-1036

90 Degree Level Crossing Boards

$5.75 CAD

  • 90 Degree Level Crossing Boards
  • Kit contains 2 crossing boards. Easy to install onto any track will fit all different heights of rail.
  • Osborn Models Stock #RRA-1120

Scenic Accessories & Other Kits

Train Depot

$25.00 CAD

  • Paul's Depot Train Station
  • A general purpose train station that is not specific to any railroad. Features interlocking design for easy build.
  • Osborn Models Stock #RRA-1119

Lumber Load

$10.50 CAD

  • Lumber Load
  • Contains one kit (i.e. a lumber load that can be used on bulkhead flatcars or in the lumber yard)
  • Osborn Models Stock #RRA-1070

Water Tower

$15.00 CAD

  • Water Tower
  • Classic wooden water tower that can be used on any part of your layout
  • Osborn Models Stock #RRA-1066


$8.25 CAD

  • Skids
  • 20 pack of skids
  • Osborn Models Stock #RRA-1016

Large Wire Reel

$5.75 CAD

  • Large Wire Reel
  • Contains four large wire reels
  • Osborn Models Stock #RRA-1032

Baggage Cart

$10.00 CAD

  • Baggage Cart
  • Contains 2 classic station baggage carts used all over North America
  • Osborn Models Stock #RRA-1084

Picnic Tables

$7.25 CAD

  • Picnic Tables
  • Kit contains 6 picnic tables that are easy to build and make a great addition to a layout.
  • Osborn Models Stock #RRA-1034

Park Bench

$8.25 CAD

  • Park Bench
  • Kit makes up to 10 park style benches
  • Osborn Models Stock #RRA-1022

Mail Box

$5.25 CAD

  • Mail Box
  • Kit makes 10 traditional country mail boxes
  • Osborn Models Stock #RRA-1035


$8.25 CAD

  • Dock
  • Contains four 12' sections
  • Osborn Models Stock #RRA-1017

Fishing Boat

$10.00 CAD

  • Fishing Boat
  • Kit contains two boats
  • Osborn Models Stock #RRA-1005


$10.00 CAD

  • Canoe
  • Kit contains two canoes. A great addition to a pond or river.
  • Osborn Models Stock #RRA-1006

Camping Scene

$8.25 CAD

  • Camping Scene
  • Includes: two tents, fire pit, stack of logs and log benches
  • Osborn Models Stock #RRA-1113

Road Barricade

$5.25 CAD

  • Road Barricades
  • Kit contains 8 barricades
  • Osborn Models Stock #RRA-1040

Parking Bumpers

$5.25 CAD

  • Parking Bumpers
  • Kit contains 20 bumpers and lot lines
  • Osborn Models Stock #RRA-1097

Lumber Assortment

$8.25 CAD

  • Lumber Assortment
  • Includes: 2 lifts of 4x8 plywood, 2 lifts of 2x4 studs, 2 lifts of wrapped lumber, and 3 lumber cradles
  • Osborn Models Stock #RRA-1116

Tool Shed

$10.00 CAD

  • Tool Shed
  • Footprint: 1.6" x 1.7"
  • Osborn Models Stock #RRA-11115

Concrete Bridge Railings

$6.50 CAD

  • Concrete Bridge Railings
  • Designed to be modular to accommodate different lengths of road. Contains two 30' sections. Requires styrene sheet to complete.
  • Osborn Models Stock #RRA-1055

Grain Elevator

$75.00 CAD

  • Grain Elevator
  • Based on Canadian Pacific 60,000 bushels elevator. These were seen all over the prairies in the early part of the 1900’s. Building Footprint requires a 12”x12” area
  • Osborn Models Stock #RRA-1067

Hobby Work Station

$30.00 CAD

  • Hobby Work Station
  • Laser cut from quality birch plywood with interlocking construction. HO and N gauge scales included on cutting board. Includes: trays, holders for paints and glues. Work station measures 19" x 11.5". Note: accessories not included.
  • Osborn Models Stock #KIT-7006

Hobby Paint Rack

$15.00 CAD

  • Hobby Paint Rack
  • Laser cut from quality birch plywood. Stores 21 containers up to 1 5/8" width and has removable separators. Stand measures 12" x 6". Note: Accessories not included
  • Osborn Models Stock #KIT-7007